Call for Papers/Call for Participation in the Conference Programme
Organized by PRO TORPEDO Rijeka, Croatia

7th International Industrial
Heritage Conference
Conference main topic
150th Anniversary of the Invention of
the “Luppis-Whitehead” Torpedo

Rijeka, Croatia, 19th – 21st of May, 2016

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Centre for Industrial Heritage has been a part of the 8th Annual International Conference organized by the ECTNon the topic of INDUSTRIAL HERITAGE: PROSPECTS FOR SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT. The Conference has been held in Riga on the 18th and 19th September 2015.

We had a presentation on the topic – Industrial Heritage and New Technologies and we presented our project “Digtization of Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage” as an example of successful use of technologies for systematization and presentation of heritage.

Ceremony for the AWARD for ‘Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism 2015’ on the topic of Industrial Heritage was also held during the Conference, for which Hostels Dharma form Rijeka was one of the candidate.

Center has also participated in the annual ECTN General Assembly meeting on the 17th September.

Program: ECTN Conference 2015 Riga

Materijali: ECTN Conference Materials

KD Čistoća has continued the project of thematic decoration of flowerbeds throughout the city of Rijeka. Last year they had a success with the theme Art Nouveau, and this year they have chosen the topic of industrial heritage taking  inspiration from our web site! YOu can find the flowerbeds all over the city, for example: Jelačić Square, Žabica Square, on the begging of the Milutin Barač Street.

Congratulations to the project manager Bia Gec!

You can read more about it here:

  • Booklet of the project:


*Photo was taken from the web site of the KD Čistoća.


Web portal, which we recommend in general because of the many interesting articles, has published the interview with a member of the Center for Industrial Heritage team – Ivana Golob. The article gives a nice insight on the Center’s previous work, it’s structure and future plans.

We would like to say thank you to Lidija Butković Mićin, the author of the text, for remembering us and recognizing the Center’s efforts.

You can read the article: HERE