Second seminar on Rijeka’s industrial heritage

By June 26, 2019No Comments

In February 2019, University of Rijeka, Centre for Industrial Heritage and Centre for Advanced Studies of Southeastern Europe, organized the second seminar for tourism workers. The seminar was part of ongoing project Tourism Valorisation of the Representative Monuments of Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage.

The tourism workers had the opportunity to learn more about the topics of Rijeka’s industrial heritage. The aim of the program was to support the creating of a unique tourist product, both on the local and the regional level, which would increase Rijeka’s recognizability and tourist development. The one-day seminar covered the topics of Rijeka’s industrial and maritime heritage.

The head of the Centre for Industrial Heritage Julija Lozzi Barković held a lecture on the Eastern industrial zone of Rijeka. The director of the Rijeka City Museum Ervin Dubrović held a lecture about Andrija Ljudevit Adamić. Velid Đekić (from the City Museum of Rijeka spoke about Baračeva street as Rijeka’s former industrial platform. Finally, Kristina Pandža (Centre for Industrial Heritage) gave a lecture about Rijeka’s factories in the immediate aftermath of WW2.