Tourism Valorisation of the Representative Monuments of Rijeka’s Industrial Heritage is a three-year project conducted by the City of Rijeka, in collaboration with the University of Rijeka and the Rijeka Tourist Board. It is an integrated project concerned with renovation and putting into operation two representative monuments of Rijeka’s industrial heritage. These are motor vessel Galeb and the Sugar Refinery Palace, part of the former industrial block Rikard Benčić, both of which are protected monuments of culture of the Republic of Croatia. Essentially, the program aims to give a new interpretation of the city’s history and its cultural heritage. It involves the creation of a new cultural and tourist route, as well as scientific, educational and promotional activities that promote the project and raise interest of the wider public in the cultural heritage.


After the reconstruction and furnishing, the Sugar Refinery Palace and Galeb will have a total of 9,524.9 m2 designated for various cultural and commercial purposes. These two facilities will be used as the sites of permanent and temporary exhibitions, creative workshops, art performances, summer film shows, thematic conferences
, offering also accommodation for the visitors and providing a number of commercial services directly related to cultural heritage.

The Centre’s activities include education, creation of educational materials and provision of training and seminars to tourist guides about new products of cultural tourism.

Research center

Research activities include scientific research of the industrial heritage of the city of Rijeka in order to obtain a complete picture of Rijeka industrial history. The research center will work on the importance of industrial, technical and intangible heritage.

Research and scientific activities are the basis for all other activities of other projects within the University component: the process of restoration of the ship is followed by the historical and archive research of the school ship Galeb for further work and research of the City Museum of Rijeka.

Volunteer activities

The volunteer center will focus on citizens, students and people with special needs.

The volunteer students get the opportunity to work on education about the history of the city of Rijeka, technical and industrial heritage, and their aim is to help with everyday work, especially in creating educational activities.

The project will also provide partnerships with NGOs in the city of Rijeka to include people with special needs in order to create content that is affordable to these target groups.

Creative and educational workshops

Creative and educational workshops on school ship Galeb will be related with the history of Rijeka and industrial heritage, for children in elementary and high school, citizens and for tourist guides.

Workshops for touristic guides will be organized to improve touristic offer in Rijeka with industrial, intangible heritage.

The first educational workshop is an Innovative interpretation of industrial heritage.