Ask, Don’t Wander Around!

Project “Ask, Don’t Wonder Around!” is a project that Center for Industrial Heritage is leading on behalf of the City of Krk. The goal of this project is making of a data base and web site for the presentation of the city of Krk’s cultural heritage for tourists and wide audience.

The data base after the first phase hols 36 chosen cultural monuments that are of exceptional historical and artistic value. We tried to present the content in a simple but appealing way with concise and simple descriptions with listed all relevant literature.

Again, we made aour site user friendly by providing several ways of researching the data base.

During the building the site our important collaborator was the City of Krk Tourist Board that provided content related to events, gastronomy and accomodation.
The entire data base ahs been made bilingual – in Croatian and English.

You can visit our web site by clicking this LINK.